From a very young age I’ve always been busy, taking on everything that came my way. To say I was driven would be an understatement, I could actually drive myself mad! My mind would never stop, there was this incessant mind chat, and I never had enough time… having to finish everything yesterday! I’ve always been really active too, loving yoga, swimming and snow-skiing. At the age of 45, I learned to surf. Two years later I co- authored and published an inspirational book about it, ‘Taking The Drop’ which was a huge success Australia wide.

In 2004 I became a Marriage Celebrant, performing over a 1000 weddings since, which has been such an honour and incredible fun. Over the years, even though busy, I was always searching, for a purpose and inner peace – for the real meaning of life. I tried many types of mediation – Visualisation, Inner Child and Mindfulness, I even went to Vipassana – nothing seemed to fill the void.

Learning to surf was a huge saviour, because when I was on my board, riding the waves, I felt at peace, like I belonged, but still something was missing…And, ever since I can remember I was always tired, a lot of the time exhausted!

In 2010 an alarming pain in my back revealed a tumour inside my spinal cord. This led to intricate – emergency surgery with the risk that I might be left paralysed, that just wasn’t an option for me! Luckily, I came through the surgery, the tumour was benign, and my legs worked. Four months later I was back on my surfboard!

Shortly after and severely rattled, I learnt Vedic Meditation. But a few months later, my daughter came home to live with us, four months later she had a baby and I became a grandmother… she and the baby became my focus and I stopped meditating, I simply couldn’t fit it in.

A year later, more tired than ever, a visit to the Dr revealed bad news – I was diagnosed with cancer! I was in a state of shock, disbelief. I had a great life, family and friends, I ate well, exercised heaps, I was fit and healthy, or so I thought. Cancer was not in my family!

It quickly became apparent, life does not stand still for anyone, while I had surgery and treatment everyone around me carried on as if nothing had changed. But everything had changed – for me anyway. Cancer was still a serious enemy. It dawned on me that I could possibly die from this thing. I started to be afraid, unsure of my future and not wanting to share these thoughts and feelings with anyone… I felt defeated and alone! I realised that when push comes to shove the only person I really had to rely on was myself.

And I realised that I needed help…. so once more I started with my Vedic Meditation practice. This time making it a priority. This gave me the tools I needed to find my inner calm, my centre, where my body & mind could rest and heal, where my life could once again come into harmony. Through Vedic Meditation, I found myself again and I learned to put ME FIRST.

I’ve been meditating ever since. The benefits speak for themselves – I am cancer free and healthy. I never even think about it, that was in another life completely. Looking back now, I am certain that due to my restless busy mind, I was constantly in a state of stress, causing anxiety and panic attacks and inevitably disease – cancer.

I’m still busy, that’s just me, and now I’ve now added to my demands by becoming a Vedic Meditation Teacher and yet somehow, I find the time to be more present, in flow with life and happier than ever. I am sincerely grateful, that I now also have a PURPOSE, teaching this life changing technique…

Danielle DuBois is an independent teacher of Vedic Meditation. She is not affiliated with the Maharishi Foundation, any registered owner of a trademark to the terms ‘Transcendental Meditation’, or their affiliates.