Wednesday: 6.30am – 7.30am.

A sacred ancient practice that combines asana (gentle yoga postures) pranayama (breathing exercise), Vedic meditation and rest.

The sequence is specifically designed to dissolve accumulated stress, expand the mind and consciousness ~ facilitating a powerful cleansing of the nervous system, whilst amplifying your Vedic meditation practice

Gentle, relaxing and healing, you will feel a strong sense of inner connection and stability. The days that follow will bring a sense of calm, clarity ~ elevation in consciousness and connection to the heart.

Open to everyone ~ you must be able to meditate for 20 mins, beginners’ mantras can be supplied if you do not have your own Vedic mantra.

First timers arrive 15 mins early for instruction.
Bring yoga mat, cushion/bolster and a blanket
oceanside, upstairs, Avalon Surf Club ~ $20.