It’s SO EASY you can do it with your eyes closed…

Perfect for busy modern lives. Vedic Meditation allows us to pause for just a few minutes each day – escaping the persistent demands upon us constantly.

GUARANTEED to improve health, reduce stress and anxiety, create better relationships, reverse the ageing process, or simply to be more in the here and now.

The Benefits
Nourish the essence of ourselves
– Danielle DuBois
Kind Words
  • “I’m super happy that I chose to learn Vedic Meditation with Danielle. It’s provided me with the tools I needed to be a more present and conscious father to my three boys. After doing the course, I realised that I was not living life to the best of my ability and as I am a single father, I need to ensure that I stay healthy and strong and have the mental headspace to be there for my boys even when I am overwhelmed with life. Thank you Danielle, it really was an eye opener, a pleasure, but most importantly a life saver. Looking forward to the journey ahead armed with this knowledge.”

    – Nic, father of three boys
  • “I was given Danielle’s details from a friend who had already learnt and went along and hear what it was all about. I’m thrilled to say that I signed up without hesitation, after all what did I have to lose. My Doctors had told me that as my cancer was now back for the third time and that it was stage four, there was nothing more they could really offer except more drugs. I was keen to get started. Danielle structured a course especially for me and in no time, I was meditating. Since then I practice every day and feel my health improve by the hour. My state of mind too has improved, and I now feel that there is hope. Through this wonderful meditation I have learnt to connect with deep inside myself. I trust that if I give my body and mind the best environment for healing to take place, that it will. I feel physically stronger and mentally in a better place than I have for years. Danielle has offered on-going support and we have become lifelong friends. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, you are a very special person.”

    – Wendy, living with cancer
  • “I’ve always thought that my sport was all the meditation I really needed. But over time I realised that was not enough… I had to good fortune to spark up a conversation with Danielle out in the surf one weekend and before I knew it, I found myself at her door. Danielle is a super authentic person and a great teacher, she made the course fun and guided me and taught me this wonderful and easy to learn technique. I understand now how important it is to quieten the mind and go within. It has honestly changed my life. Thank you Danielle, I owe you a few waves, that’s for sure.”

    – Michael, surfer