Our lives are busy – busier than they’ve ever been

Work, family, friends, and our environment demand a lot from us. We drive cars, we catch planes, we work in busy cities surrounded by frequencies, advertising and noise. We carry phones and dabble in social media – We need to be outstanding at planning, scheduling and managing, we are expected to be available 24/7.

As a result, we accumulate stress and fatigue in our mind and body. In short – we are depleting ourselves. We are not living life to the fullest, some of us may feel a sense of lack or incompleteness or feel that we are not our true healthy self.

We are over stimulated – and we need to learn to counterbalance this.

Meditation holds the key

When we meditate we expand our states of consciousness our physical wellbeing. By spending a few minutes – morning and night, sitting quietly, letting our body relax and the mind settle and turn our awareness inwards, we can access inner quietness, inner stability and once we have done that, we can come into our world centered and calm, it’s already there, inside us, we just need to connect with it.

What we want to achieve through meditation is to live and enjoy our lives fully and wholly without being overwhelmed by it.

Meditation is crucial for nourishing the essence of ourselves. There is a beautiful saying – “It’s like watering the root to enjoy the fruit”. Establishing a strong healthy foundation is key and the rest will follow – and move naturally towards the sun.

Meditation is a practical and enjoyable technique easily learned which can be integrated into daily life, providing a powerful antidote to stress, anxiety, tension and fatigue. The benefits are life changing and can be felt immediately – rejuvenating and re-calibrating our entire system. It will make us healthier and happier, increasing empathy, creativity, productivity and adaptability. Contact Danielle Dubois for more details.